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KIT - relay board simple to use 5v operation supports logic level also (10AMP)

£2.50 (inc VAT) £2.08 (exc VAT)

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Product description


A really easy to build and use kit.

N.B. The actual relay supplied may vary slightly from the image above due to voltage and manufacturer, the actual relay specification is detailed fully below.

Requires 5v to power the relay coil (4v to 6v will do)

The control input (IN) requires just a few milliamps at anywhere between 2.5v and 12v, this can be supplied by a simple switch, a TTL level signal, a microcontroller or even perhaps a computer (you need a suitable output). 



  • Low cost way to control larger voltages and currents
  • Supplied as a kit
  • Easy to build
  • On-board switching transistor
  • On-board back EMF protection
  • Easy 1 wire drive. High for on, Low for off 
  • Mains rated relay 10 amps @ 240vac

Technical data

Dimensions: 50mm x 26mm x 19mm




Pinouts (from the left)


GND (often termed minus on a battery)
IN control line (your control signal)
PWR power supply (coil requires ~400mw)

A1 - contact 1 (normally open switched contact)
COM - common (shared SPDT contact)
A2 - contact 2 (normally closed switched contact)

Build guide - http://www.openmicros.org/index.php/articles/88-ciseco-product-documentation/242-relay-board



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  1. Works as expected 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2012

    The kit was easy to assemble and even with my poor soldering skills I ended up with a functional board. I'm very happy with it.

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