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Pi-Lite - Lots of LEDs for the Raspberry Pi (1206 RED)

£19.99 (inc VAT) £16.66 (exc VAT)
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Product description

The Pi Lite is a large LED matrix display for scrolling text and graphics. It's an exciting way to get a Raspberry Pi to do something physical and fun. It's an easy plug in add on, so no soldering or special skills are required.

The Pi Lite mixes the highly popular Arduino "Lots of LED's" shield by Jimmy Rogers with the world of the Raspberry Pi. Using standard serial communications (@9600bps), it's really simple to send text and graphics to the 126 LED's. The matrix is powered from an ATMega328p processor which means all the processing of driving the 126 LED's is off loaded from the Pi's processor. This frees the Pi's processor and GPIO for other functions.

Video 1: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VpGx1KSqVbM

Video 2: http://youtube.com/watch?v=3MKCH2ytzdQ

  • Fun and practical (perhaps display your emails or tweets in real time, scroll messages that can be seen at a distance)
  • Open source firmware (you can build in extra functions if you desire)
  • Multi function - Scroll text, bargraph, VU meter & graphics (all easy to use by sending just simple text strings)
  • Based on the Jimmy Rogers LOL shield (well tried, tested and supported)
  • 14 x 9 matrix of LEDs (for text or graphics)
  • It's serial so can be used with any TTL micro, radio (eg XRF) or PC interface (for example the popular FTDI cable)
If you are not yet convinced, we have a Pi-Lite emulator (written in Python), so you can try before you buy.


  • On board ATMega328p
  • High quality gold plated PCB
  • 126 Red LEDS (there will be a bright white version coming soon)
  • Data is driven by the Pi serial UART (you may need to setup your serial port, see below docs).
  • Runs at 5 volts off the Pi supply (49ma max)
  • Preloaded software, can be used out of the box to display the following
    • Scrolling Text (speed variable)
    • Bar Graph (vertical 14 bars)
    • VU Meter (horizontal 2 bars)
    • Frame buffer (for graphics and animation)
    • Individual Pixels (turn them on, off or toggle)
  • Pre-built / Plug and Code
  • Ability to install 6 pin ISP or 6 pin FTDI Headers to the ATMega328P for firmware upgrades or your own sketches
  • ATMega328p analog pins are broken onto standard holes (just like the Jimmy Roger shield)
  • I2C from the ATMega328p is available on pins A4 and A5 for daisy chaining of Pi-Lite to create a bigger display
  • Made in the UK

Technical data

Dimensions: 85mm x 55mm x 13.7mm

Low current consumption 49ma maximum


Pre Loaded Arduino Sketch https://github.com/CisecoPlc/PiLite


B040 - Pi-Lite UserGuide - http://openmicros.org/index.php/articles/94-ciseco-product-documentation/raspberry-pi/280-b040-pi-lite-beginners-guide


Twitter ticker for the Pi - http://openmicros.org/index.php/articles/94-ciseco-product-documentation/raspberry-pi/298-pilite-twitter-feed

MQTT example code for the Pi - http://openmicros.org/index.php/articles/94-ciseco-product-documentation/raspberry-pi/301-pi-lite-mqtt-example

Stock ticker for the Pi - http://openmicros.org/index.php/articles/94-ciseco-product-documentation/raspberry-pi/302-pi-lite-stock-ticker

Other Python examples can be found here - http://openmicros.org/index.php/articles/94-ciseco-product-documentation/raspberry-pi/304-pi-lite-python-examples

Gareth Halfacree's CPU load example for the Pi - https://github.com/ghalfacree/bash-scripts/blob/860a36c6e73bdd65a88e62faa663be5b1d5a9717/cpugraph.py

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Also available from

CPC (soon) - Maplin (soon)

Really important note from us

Make an informed purchase

We strongly recommend you read all about this item before purchase. Our products are intended for people who love the challenge of being part of making things. Some items are easy to use and some are not, please make your decision to buy based on what you see combined with your own experience levels. Please don't rush in, if you need to ask questions, please do on our forum at Openmicros.org


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