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RF module range

All of our radio products are now available at our new online shop: wirelessthings.net 

Our range of ultra-low power, long range, high value wireless s UART serial data modules come in a variety of shapes to suit your application.

  • XRF is Xbee shaped to fit Arduino, PIC, PICAXE etc. fits the Raspberry Pi using our Slice of Pi.
  • ERF is the same size as the Arduino Mini and has a six way FTDI laid out connector.
  • URF has a USB connector for connection to a computer.
  • SRF is our latest and smallest surface mount design.
  • SRF STICK is an encased version of the SRF-U
  • ARF is the latest version and it incorporates a built in power amplifier for even greater distances.

Here is a handy comparison chart for all the above.

Also in this section you will find WiFi and Bluetooth units that we can re-sell at competitive prices, as well as several other supporting products.

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