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Sensor - Temperature XRF development sensor - DALLAS DS18B20

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Dallas thermistors requre more power than a coin cell can supply over long periods of time, we recomend using Two AA vattries for lon term power

Kit contents:

1 x K028 Coin cell board kit which contains the following:
          1 x CCB PCB
          1 x SMT coin cell holder
          1 x D012 100uf microminature capacitor
          2 x D015 10 way 2mm socket header

Additional parts for this specific item:

1 x P015 Coin cell (2032 size)
1 x P001 Matching ABS box
1 x D036 Dallas temp sensor 0.5 degree accurate
1 x D030 4K7 resistor 

General Description of the coin cell board

What everyone has been waiting for. A development base kit for many different types of sensors. The kit when utilised with an XRF radio module and appropriate firmware (cost free) turns the two into an immediate wireless sensor. When used with our USB dongle, PC connected XRF or our OpenKontrol Gateway you can publish data to and from other networks including the Internet. There are more and more "cloud" based providers of control, logging, data analysis (see bottom of page).

Note that in order to use a XRF radio module with a sensor, its personality needs to be changed by applying new firmware.  This is free to download from here, but you will need a serial connection such as our FTDI Interface or similar to reprogram it.

  • Each pin of the XRF is broken out onto the outer edge for easy access and development.
  • The board fits into our small ABS box giving an instantly deployable development device.
  • For permanently powered "poll-able" devices there are 2 pads to supply GND & 2-3.6v to, you'll need around 35ma max.
  • For cyclic sleeping devices that wake every so often then sleep again, use a coin cell (CR2032) coin cell product. We predict you will get well over a million transmissions (LLAP)

By adding just a component or two it can be:

  • Temperature sensor - Add 10K resistor and 10K thermistor
  • Temperature sensor - Add 4K7 resistor and Dallas DS18B20 sensor 
  • Light sensor - Add 10K resistor and 10K Light Dependant resistor
  • Generic ADC - Add nothing
  • 2 Button switch "key fob" - Add 2 switches
  • Dry contact - Add nothing (use switch contacts)
  • Magnet detect - Add sensor hall effect sensor
  • Counter - Add EEPROM/FRAM


Kit contents: Printed Circuit Board, 100uf microminature 10v capacitor, 2x10 way 2mm female headers, SMD coin cell holder.



USES - Just a few ideas

  • Security (PIR, switches, reed switches, dry contacts, tilt switches, vibration)
  • Alert and alarm (Opto sensing, tilt, vibration, microswitch, halt buttons)
  • Residential (Keyfobs, garage openers, window, temperature, humidity, light)
  • Automotive (RPM, analog and digital reading)
  • Healthcare (temperature, fall detection, positive confirmation of life, panic buttons, remote control)
  • Weather (counting of wind speed, rainfall, temperature, humidity, dew point, wind direction)
  • Children (toys, monitoring, locating)
  • Pets (Cat/dog flap entry, locating)

Cloud providers

These providers may need some code to change the simple LLAP messages into a format that they accept. Contact them to find out how our equipment can be used on thier service.

Amee, ThingSpeak, Patchube, SensorLogic, Arkessa, iDigi, Nimbits, Axeda, iobridge, AirVantage, paraimpu, Bugswarm, Evrythng, SEN.SE, Isidorey, HP Cense, Sensinode, One Platform, ProxPlatform, SensorCloud, Thingworx, Yaler

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